Fashion and style are major components of Africa Nouveau and this edition will see a fashion market comprising 25 vendor stalls, a make-up bar and haircare pop-up as well as 2 different photography sets for professional photography.

The festival will invite attendees to do fittings with the fashion designers exhibiting at the festival, and further, participate in a series of photo shoots at the festival. Select images from the shoots will be included in the 2019 Africa Nouveau handbook.

Virtual Reality x Gaming

The world of gaming as we know it is moving away from competitive points-based games into longer format, story based games where the player is the center of the narrative.

Gamers and VR creators from Kenya, Germany and the UK will collaborate in producing and showcasing a story-based game in Virtual Reality. This game would expand the theme of the festival and allow the attendees to explore the theme and build scenarios with us. Outside of our festival, this game would be instrumental in allowing the world to perceive Africa from a new, positive light.

The game will be developed as a 40 minute experience, broken into 8 X 5-minute segments i.e. gaming as an experience that they can plug in and out of at different points of the festival. The audience is not gaming for point/to win but really to have an experience.


2019 will see the film stage screen 10 science fiction films and virtual reality films by African filmmakers. The films will explore the ideas of identity and outer worldly beings/ideas. The curator for the film stage in 2019 is Wanuri Kahiu.

Also to be shown and used as the basis of a virtual reality game to be created and played at the festival, is the festival’s own film ‘X’. This short experimental film centers around two humans who receive a visit from ancient outer world beings, that return to communicate with Africans in an effort to help them remember their history, wealth and knowledge.

The film will be published online before the festival to show, rather than tell, this year’s theme to festival goers and a wider digital audience beyond that.


To fully experience the new world we have created in the festival, attendees have the option of camping on-site for the 3 nights. As with the other areas of the festival the campsite will be designed to grant its residents the freedom to experience and create their own unique and creative environments. The 24-hour experience will also enable attendees to view and interact with the installations at various times of the day, viewing them in different lights and states.


An array of diverse performers is key for creating the immersive experience(s) at Africa Nouveau. This edition will see 25 live performers from 8 countries on 2 stages including an ‘after-hours’ stage. This includes 10 DJs and 15 musicians all adding their flavor of Afrobubblegum and African Futurism to the air all weekend.

Performers just as much as they will be participants in the festival, the musicians will be taking the theme into account in their appearances and showcases.

In collaboration with the British Council’s East Africa arts program and architectural fi rm planning systems, mixed medium artists from Kenya and the UK will collaborate to conceptualize and bring to reality core art installations that will transform the venue into a utopian Africa built on ancient, otherworld knowledge.