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Wanja Wohoro music

Wanja is a soulful singer/songwriter from Nairobi, Kenya and Sydney, Australia.

She began songwriting from the age of 13; teaching herself the guitar and the piano and practicing accompaniment and composition. Her influences include the mellow sultry sounds of Amy Winehouse, Lianne La Havas, Ella Fitzgerald, Nai Palm and Corinne Bailey-Rae alongside an extensive exposure to Indie/Folk and jazz music.

In 2014 she released her first EP “High Tide” which includes 5 songs of varying genres, all exploring the different sides of her unique musicianship, cultural influences and vocals.

In February 2015 she released a new tropical summer single ‘Counting’ and an accompanying music video.

Last year she completed a Music major at The University of Sydney while gigging and continuing to work on her original compositions.
She is currently writing and recording her debut album ‘Matriarch’ with a projected release in January 2018.

Emma Cheruto is a 20 year old singer, songwriter, composer, director, fine artist and 3rd year architecture student. She ventured into music in October of 2015, after studying it’s theory for four years. Emma’s colleagues refer to her as a secret weapon, in all the fields she’s ventured into.She hopes to help develop the music scene in Kenya and pave the way for musicians such as herself.

BASTHMA was born in the East Lands of Nairobi, Kenya in a neighborhood most notably known for its impact and contribution to the music industry K-South.  Basthma has already released four Eps (Stride, Bound, Mood & Untitled respectively) . Basthma is currently working on his new album (Rugano); endeavoring to find a better way to develop tracks deliver music filled with emotion, groove and rhythm. Basthma is all about connecting with the crowd as he takes the audience into an adventure through his Basid/ Bass music.

Steph Kapela is possibly the most vocally versatile artist in Nairobi. His vocal prowess and opinions from other creatives serve as a testament to that.

Moma (Sudan) music

Sudanese-born DJ Moma has his DJ career spanning 15 years and residencies at venues all over the world. Moma is serving sounds of the diaspora at #AfricaNouveau Festival.

Kenyan rapper Shukid has been listed by many as being amongst the top 10 mc’s in Africa!His quality music tops local charts, while receiving airpay in other parts of the world. Come discover his dope sound at #AfricaNouveau.

Muthoni Drummer Queen is a living breathing singer of the hero variety. The songwriter-flow-poet will be releasing her concept album SHE at#AfricaNouveau! In her forthcoming album, MDQ will take your through a roller coaster of emotions delivered on some amazing instrumentals.

Dj Cortega has always had a passion for African music and has built a solid DJ reputation on the Afrobeat and House scenes in Africa & the diaspora. Catch his intense set live at #AfricaNouveau festival.


ExGxNx GxCxGx (Eugene Gecaga), is a music journalist, writer,
curator, soul brother, visual artist and host of his independent
Podcast, The 47 FREQUENCY. Tastefully selected eclectic sounds and
spiritual conversations seek to raise your vibrations to a higher
plain. “The late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are a huge influence on my
music. Especially Soul and Funk music, that music takes me to a
place. And I believe there’s so much power behind the vibrations,
which is music, to spread love. We are created out of love, why not
become it?”
Unifying the HEART (4) and MIND (7) is his mission, one vibe at a
time. His purpose, spread LOVE.

Only a handful of young Kenyans, sensually serenade audiences in their mother tongue. Rare still, is finding musicians who are not only vocally gifted, but prolific song-writers. One artiste however sticks out, singing songs that capture audience across the demographic divide. Known as @Ayrosh, his moniker is a derivative of his name Irungu. Catch him live at #AfricaNouveau.

Producer and DJ, Marfox is a downright urban, suburban and ghetto legend in Lisbon, as well as a renowned name on a worldwide network of dedicated seekers of new directions in electronic social music. Having also released on Lit City Trax, Warp Records and delivered commissioned remixes for artists such as tUnE-yArDs or Panda Bear, he is undoubtedly one of the figure-heads of the roster of Príncipe. He returned this year to the Lisbon based dance label with his new EP “Chapa Quente”, lauded by FACT Magazine as “practically perfect” or distinguished as “Album Of The Month” on Mixmag’s April issue. Marfox’s been playing live extensively the last couple of years in Europe and the UK, visits to the US, Moscow, Brazil and embarked last Summer on his first East Asia tour with stops on Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul and Shanghai

Guelord Mbolela known as Dj Spilulu or Dj G’Sparks is a Deep-Afro House n Hip-Hop music producer. Originally from Lubumbashi / Katanga Democratic Republic of Congo, Spilulu is famous for being a Hip-Hop, R&B and House beatmaker. He began his music at an early age, as a french rapper, at school and in his neighborhood, in 2001 he flew to Johannesburg / South Africa for studies where he fell in love with house music and where he taught himself how to DJ.
Not satisfied with simply helping others to create great music he then focused on composition and music production. His highly acclaimed work has led him into the demanding world of TV films, commercials, and record production. His successes in this area include working wlth Snazz D, Phumeza, Mashabela Galane, Revolution, Jerah, Papa Zee, Mzee, Gemini (cashless society ), KB and many more..

Singer/Songwiter, Composer, Tunesmith, Show-Woman, Style Afficiando, Creative All-Rounder, are but a few words to describe The ‘Triumph Of Originality” that is Temi DollFace. What do you do when you’re a young up and coming musician and no genre befits your expression. If you’re Temi DollFace, you fashion one for yourself. “Drama Soul”, as she calls it, is a sound as much as it is a look that mashes up cultures across continents, and marries eras in flamboyant ceremony.

Suave fashion

Suave is all about breathing new life into old. We work with second hand traders, factories and tanneries where we source our material from off cut fabrics and unwanted leather. Our brand ethos is Sustainable Fashion through revitalization and repurposing.

Michael W. Soi (1972) is a Kenyan artist who has been working in Nairobi since 1995 after completion of his fine art and art history studies.

Soi is inspired by contemporary life in Nairobi. His work provides a photographic diary of Nairobi and is a satirical commentary of social, economic and political trends. His work explores relationships – intergenerational, interracial or generally what he calls the economics of love, commercial sex work and popular culture within the context of globalization & consumerism.

A hallmark of his art is his unique vision and highly distinctive style usually brightly-coloured paintings with black outlines that are illustrative in nature and are both playful and biting. They are informed by a strong tradition of cartoonists whose works have satirized Kenyan society since independence – often bravely poking fun at the political establishment.

“I want to create work that highlights women’s issues in Africa, particularly issues that relate to how men view women here and how they treat them. It isn’t an interesting topic for a lot of people who view my work due to the fact that people here would rather not talk about this. They would rather bury their heads in the sand and pretend that these things do not happen.  This work highlights the role that has been assigned to women as implements of joy, pleasure and a means to an end to be enjoyed by men. This is a subject that I have had an interest in for a while now and the aim is to influence how men view and relate to women.”

He has participated in numerous workshops & residencies; exhibited widely locally and internationally; and has a huge following of collectors and enthusiasts globally.
He lives and works in Nairobi – Kenya.

Madoido Kenya fashion

MADOIDO creates funky handmade furniture while working to promote sustainable livelihoods in Kenya.