We, (Jiik, maa kheru, Habe Tolo and dada bokeli) are members of a specialized outer-world unit assigned specifically to Africa. Our work is to aid humanity at crucial turning points of their evolution. We are not deity in any form. We are simply helpers who aid the progress and evolution of humanity. There are many others in our unit, and in time, they too will reveal themselves to you.

We have been interacting with humans since the beginning of human time. You called, and we came.  We were here (in Kenya and East Africa at large) 7 Million years ago when early man came into his own consciousness. We continued to help as he domesticated plants and animals, discovered fire, invented tools and moved from the cradle of humanity through the Red Sea to populate the earth.

We were here when you learnt to smelt and bend iron, first in Nok, Nigeria (550BC-300BC) and again in Djene-djene, Mali (300 BC) We aided your monumental leaps in collective consciousness- like when man learnt how to tell time in Namoratunga, Turkana/Kenya (300BC), to build the pyramids of Nuba (720BC) and Giza (2550-2490 BC) to build the rock churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia (12th Century) We were there when the Nommos visited the Dogon and instructed them on their origins. We aided the creation of Great Zimbabwe (11-15th Centuries).

We were there when humanity forgot its self. We witnessed in horror the slave trade by the Arabs via the Indian ocean (600-1900 AD) and the Trans-Atlantic slave trade (mid15th-19th Centuries) We mourned the horrors of 300 years of slavery as well as the scramble, partition and colonization of Africa. We watched you get stripped of your names, your beliefs, your language, your connections to earth, to each other and to us.We watched in sorrow as Apartheid broke the soul of South Africa.

But we never forgot you, we never left and as we hoped, many of you never forgot yourselves either. Your writers, poets, musicians, historians and philosophers refused to accept this reduced version of Africa. They investigated, recorded your glorious past, they asked questions about your current state., The longing for a return to oneness- Ujamaa; Ubuntu- and a restoration of Africa by Africans for Africans caused a great energy shift starting from the mid 60’s, picking momentum and intensity in the 2000s.

As the great energy shift of 2017 neared, some of you received the inspiration in 2015 to congregate with one another to share music, art, fashion, films and all other joyful expressions of culture at a 3day-3night ceremony you were to call Africa Nouveau. We are grateful that you followed through.  Your effort to remember your true selves, your longing to connect with one another, and your intention to evolve into a higher consciousness was heard and seen, and we came here to support you in your awakening. We will walk among you and aid your rapid remembrance.


Turkana for to continue/continuation

Aids with: Understanding time/no time divide, all versions of human travel and movement.

Symbols: All symbols for time, direction and movement such as the Sun dial, compass,

Human trait associated: Thinking, discovery, planning

maa kheru 

true of voice, storyteller

Aids with: Maintaining the whole recorded/oral history of Africa in all its aspects (Flora/Fauna/evolution)

symbols: Any form of storage such as baskets, drawers, silos among more.


Human trait associated: Memory, understanding, extrapolation, application

Habe Tolo

Stranger from the star

Aids with: Understanding all celestial objects and phenomena; understanding all elements of mathematics, physics, and chemistry; understanding the phenomena that is the universe

Symbols: Geometric signs, the atom, all star constellations,

Human trait associated: Experimentation, methodology, ordered laws

Dada bokeli

Lingala for sister creativity, creation

Aids with: Understanding the energy of creation;  Every form of creative artistic expression

Symbols: All tools for creation and creativity – musical instruments, paint/dyes,

Human trait associated: Love, inspiration, intuition.